Threat Against Vatican

“We were very concerned when we learned of the Turkish incursion at our borders, for our Christians,” Melkite Archbishop Jean.

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A propaganda poster released by a pro-Islamic State group this week called on followers to attack the Vatican on Christmas, the SITE Intelligence. experts say it’s important to take seriously the.

The Vatican’s Synod of Bishops on the Amazon neared its conclusion on Saturday evening. Ecology was a key element of the.

A Vatican envoy visiting Moscow earlier in the day had. "I ask for the pope’s help against the military threat from the United States," Maduro said at a news conference in Caracas, saying he fears.

With this in mind, experts say it’s important to take seriously the threat against the Vatican. "Wafa Media Foundation specializes in these types of graphics. Wafa’s threat, like others recently.

RELATED Pope Francis canonizes five new saints The Oct. 6-27 meeting in Vatican City also focused on serious threats facing.

The threat also comes as the ISIS-supporting Wafa’ Media Foundation has released numerous threats against the holiday and against the Vatican. In a message to fellow jihadists last week, the group.

Speaking with Argentina TV stations, Vatican Chief of Ceremonial, Guillermo Karcher played down the threats against Francis saying that “the Pope is not giving substance” to the reports. He explained.

Over 1.3 billion people currently on Earth have followed the many Catholics before them in conforming to traditional prayer rituals including the counting of ‘decades’ or ‘Hail Mary’ through the use.

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Over the weekend in Madagascar. so that we can enact models of development that support the fight against poverty and social exclusion, on the basis of trust, education, hard.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis urged bishops Sunday to shake up the status quo as they chart ways to better care for the Amazon.

Gantz, a lifelong military man, has presented himself as a practical leader who can bridge Israel’s many divisions and.

The document, issued by the Vatican department overseeing Catholic education, echoed past statements by Pope Francis. It argued that acceptance of flexible ideas of gender posed a threat to.

“The maneuvers’ scenario envisages an escalation of the situation in conditions of a remaining potential for conflict.

We will publish the official Vatican English version when it is available. This unique socio-environmental crisis was.

In any case, since Vatican II there have been entire countries where the. As recently as this month in Hong Kong, Catholic leaders have taken the lead in protests against the regime in Beijing.

War is a constant threat among diverse ethnic groups and the Amazon was no stranger to this phenomenon. The economic.

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Bishop Drennan had his resignation accepted by the Vatican earlier this month after an investigation into complaints by.

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A number of media freedom groups have said the use of espionage charges against Assange represents a threat to all.